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Tropical Fish

Choosing Your Fish

Definitely the best bit about setting up a new tank – but there are hundreds to choose from, so where do you start?

Before You Buy

As tempting as tropical fish are, you must research their individual requirements before you buy. Check the eventual size and water requirements of each species, and whether they will suit your tank and mix with the other species on your list.

The expert staff at World of Water can help you make the right choice.

Always test the water before adding any fish.

Introducing fish

Patience is vital when you first stock an aquarium. You should never attempt to fully stock a newly set-up aquarium.

Stress-free introduction

  • Turn off the aquarium lights
  • Float the bag in the aquarium for approximately 20 minutes to equalise water temperatures.
  • Now open the bag and gently pour in about 30% aquarium water.
  • Wait 10 minutes then repeat this process twice more at the same intervals.
  • Carefully net the fish out of the bag and place them in the aquarium.
  • Dispose of the water in the bag. Do not pour this water into the aquarium.
  • If the new fish are the only ones in the aquarium, wait 24 hours before initial feeding.

Tip: Spend time observing your fish on a daily basis

See our local store or brochure for a selection of common tropical fish:
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