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Choosing Your Invertebrates

New to reef keeping?

What about invertebrates? Invertebrates are actually well suited for mini or micro-reef tanks and many invertebrates will do well in non-reef tanks. For the novice saltwater or marine aquarist stick to the hardy species. These include shrimps like the cleaner shrimp, blood shrimp or peppermint shrimp and coral banded shrimp.

Anemone crabs are an option you might consider alongside saltwater aquarium fish. Sea urchins and starfish are quite well suited to beginners with a couple of months experience. They differ in size, shape and colour and take care because some are poisonous! Sea urchins and starfish aid in the maintenance of a clean tank because they eat detritus and algae and other small bits of food. This helps to keep the tank clean and your marine aquarium fish healthy.

Anemones are not really suited for beginners. They have very special lighting needs and require the very best water quality. Invertebrates you should also avoid include tridacna clams, flame scallops, Octopi, Nudibranchs, or any coral and sea squirts. Like some of the previously mentioned marine fish these invertebrates have special feeding and living requirements.

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